register & apply.

  • This is an ultracycling event that requires some bikepacking skills.

  • You and you alone are liable for your safety. Read the rules and safety requirements here.

  • Please be careful, plan responsibly and properly, and understand that you enter at your own risk under your own volition.



There is no registration fee for the inaugural Trans Mni Sota Wheel Route!

In an attempt to streamline this process prospective riders will;

  1. Fill out a simple online form and submit it.  Apply Below.

  2. Once complete you will be sent a confirmation email within 2 weeks letting you know you made it in.

  3. A rider’s agreement and liability waiver will be sent in late winter/early spring, 2020 as a refresher of the rules and liabilities you personally take in such an endeavor as Trans Mni Sota. The liability waiver must be sent back. YOU and YOU alone assume ALL risk.








Rider’s Agreement

This is an agreement between Trans Mni Sota and participant. Its intent is to set the terms and conditions of participation. It makes clear the actions that must be agreed upon when accepting a spot (for example, bike safety and the unsupported ethos). If a rider breaks the terms of the agreement, at any time, you could be excluded from the route.



There are two categories for TMWR01. A General Classification and a Pairs category.

For the inaugural 2020 Trans Mni Sota Makoce Wheel Ride there will be no gender based divisions. Ultracycling (and ultrarunning) studies have shown little discrepancy between ultra-endurance talent and genetics in regards to gender. Neither will the TMWR01. It has been designed to be played out on a level playing field.


GPS Navigation

Participants will need a Spot GPS tracker.  Your tracker will be used to provide live tracking of the TMWR01 and some sweet dot watching experience for anybody interested in following. Live GPS tracking will be available.


How It Works

  1. You can use your own SPOT, either already activated or pay to activate it for the time on course.

  2. In addition, during open registration you will have the option to rent a tracker.      

Cost depends on if you supply your own Spot (activated or not) or renting one.  Information will be updated when registration starts.


2018 NSBR #1 Example of MAProgress fees (the tracking site used)

2018 cost ranged from $27 to $58 dependent on rental of tracker. This price reflected 7 days of tracking.


Additional Info

1. Rented trackers will be available for pick up the day before.

2. You are expected to mail their own trackers back post-challenge.

3. Information on connecting with the tracking company will be provided to the roster come spring.


First, check out the FAQ page. Or use the contact form to send us questions. Please join the Facebook Group, Trans Mni Sota Wheel Ride - the designated place for conversation centered around TMWR01.

Above borrowed, adapted or otherwise inspired from: TransAm Bike Race, Indian Pacific Wheel Race, Transcontinental,  and Northstar Bicycle Race

Information contained herein to rules, safety regulations, and registration process is subject to change, be modified, or amended as needed.



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